why we are passionate about this project…?
In this time of great challenges, individuals can simultaneously feel isolated and connected to others. Experiencing human connection is the factor most predictive of resiliency in the face of adversity.
Through the ‘re-dressing’ of emotions, it is our hope that this project may offer some form of collective healing on the continent.


Franco Prinsloo (composer)


Franco Prinsloo is an award winning composer and conductor. He has a specific focus on choral music, vocal music and music for theatre.


Ben Outram (MusicPaint developer)

Dr Benjamin Outram (UK) is an independent and freelance scientist, engineer, technologist, artist and science author living and working in England. 



Sonya Rademeyer (visual artist)

Sonya Rademeyer (South Africa) is a PIAD-alumni visual artist.  The primal focus to her work is her dedicated interest in exploring empathy through deep-listening.


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Anja Pollard (music therapist)

Anja Pollard (South Africa) is a registered Arts Therapist (Music) and a Fellow of the American Music and Imagery Association and a performing choral artist. She teaches and supervises on tertiary level and is the Pretoria Cochlear Implant Unit-team’s music specialist.



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Goitsemodimo Sekhu (web developer)

Goitse is an IT professional who’s interest of field is in systems and web development. He’s a systems administrator by profession and does free lance web development projects



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Jemima Kola (photographer)

Jemima Kola is a young South African commercial photographer and an alumni of the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. She is a keen collaborator and forms part of 180_collective with visual artist, Sonya Rademeyer.



Elhadji Cheikh Amath Niang (Wolof)

Translated by the Senegalese poet and Spokenword performer, Elhadji Cheikh Amath Niang.


Affectionately known as "Arifstyle" he is a wordsmith deliberately addressing issues related to well-being, spirituality and politics. Arif is the founder of School of Poetry Africa, as well as the co-founder of both Senegalese of Slam Poetry and Vendreti Slam.

Instagram _arifstyle



Dina Christiaan (Nama)

Dina Christiaan hails from Karasburg (Namibia) and currently resides in Steinkopf  (South Africa), a remote town in the Namaqualand region of the Northern Cape.  


As a Nama speaker, Dina works as a translator as well as writing her own poetry in Nama. Her capabilities allow her to do facilitatory work in Kimberley on an annual basis, as well as being a Nama radio presenter at Okiep Namakwaland 98.1.


Another passion is a Nama dancing group which is headed by Dina.  

Idza Luhumyo (Swahili)
Translated by Idza Luhumyo (Kenya).
Idza Luhumyo is both a writer and lawyer.
[with special thanks to Samuel Tebandeke & Mercy Nabirye] 

Lovedale (Shona)


Lovedale is an award winning musician who has operated within the Zimbabwean music industry for over 20 years Born to be a Musician he is  from the Rozvi Tribe, now the lead vocalist, Guitarist, Shona Teacher, Translator, Film Scorer, Artist, a Public Motivational Speaker of substance, Youth Mentor, Life Coach , and Creative Artistic Director for the Zimbabwean Award Winning Afro Folk Music Band Ma’Friq..  He is a vibrant and charismatic musician, raised in the capital city of urban Zimbabwe, Harare in Highfield. Muringa Music Factory prides itself in being a Custodian of the Zimbabwean Music and Tradition through its unique Muringa Music brand.

Muringa Music is a unique fusion of different musical styles from across the African continent with emphasis on native Zimbabwean instrumentation that includes the Mbira, Fast Guitar Riffs, Rapid – fire Drumming Fusing our Traditional rhythms from Jiti and Mbende.

The name Muringa is coined from the Moringa tree, one of the most potent trees under the sun. The Moringa tree among other uses has healing properties for various ailments plaguing the human body.

Like the Moringa Tree, Muringa Music is a remedy that soothes the mind, body and soul. Keep the ills and ailments of life at bay with Muringa Music, Dance to the Inspired Rhythm of Life.

Jamila Harrad (Arabic)
Jamila Harrad is the community facilitator at Tamkeen Community Foundation for human development in Tangier (Morocco).
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Vhonani (Venda)
Muvenḓa from Itsani village in Limpopo Province and UCT Statistics Hons Graduate working in the Financial Industry in the Western Cape, who enjoys every opportunity to speak or do anything and everything Tshivenda-related.