why is the map of Africa being used? 

It is by acknowledging five basic/universal human emotions and using these as a starting point, to highlight our shared human-ness. The project also hopes to re-dress the emotional trauma that has flooded the continent as a result of colonisation.

On each of the six African fabric maps, 47 countries have been cut out to visually demonstrate how colonial borders have divided the continent. Even though borders divide us, a visual representation of the artworks on the maps will aim to create a sense of being part of a larger collective that have much in common.


We are African, we are human, we are not alone.

what happens once your art work has been created?
Once you have created your own painting you will be able to upload your creations to the website directly from the MusicPaint app, via the "share" button.
Depending on your emotive composition, your artwork will be incorporated into one of the six African maps in the Gallery section.  Here they will be displayed as a visual tapestry of mapped emotions for the public to view.
You have free choice as to whether you would would like your name to be displayed next to your artwork, but participation will require you to indicate your country in the subject line of the email. Without an indication of your country, we will not know where you are from and therefore unable to place your emotive creation in its rightful place.
Depending what emotion you have chosen, you will be able to see what other artworks depicting your selected emotion will look like. This may or may not surprise you!
Click on any of the sliders below to connect with your African Gallery map.